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Double CD set
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Take Back the Power
Taking Back the Power

A Two CD Set

with Bronwyn Fox

Based on Bronwyn's Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Award winning Panic Anxiety Management Programs and Workshops.

Designed for people with an anxiety disorder and incorporates the most common problems some people can have in meditating /relaxing.

The Mindfulness meditation techniques are simple to use, while being extremely effective.

Bronwyn has the knowledge and understanding , both personally and professionally, to be able to assist people in their own recovery.

CD One : 'Taking Back the POWER' total running time 50 minutes

An Understanding A general discussion about Panic attacks, anxiety, agoraphobia and the most common symptoms people experience. The more detailed understanding you have of your anxiety disorder, the easier it becomes in working through the various fears and symptoms associated to it.

This discussion also includes the experience of derealisation and/or depersonalisation which are two of the most common symptoms relating to panic disorder. Bronwyn teaches you how these symptoms occur and what can be done to gain control over them.

Mindfulness This CD also describes the role our thoughts play in maintaining our anxiety disorders and teaches you a mindfulness cognitive technique to control and eliminate not only the negative cycle of thinking, but the disorder itself.

CD Two: Meditation - Why, Where, When and How total running time 48 minutes

Meditation : An overview of meditation which discusses why these particular meditation techniques outlined on the CD, are so effective for people with an anxiety disorder. Bronwyn also addresses most of the questions she has ever been asked about meditation. Bronwyn also discusses the most common problems some people can have in being able to meditate and what can be done to over come them.

This CD also outlines two meditation techniques and includes a 20 minute music track featuring Pachelbel's Canon. Music arranged by Michael Coady.


"I couldn't meditate or even do any of the relaxation techniques they tried to teach me... I decided to buy the CD set and give it one more try. It was wonderful. I just pop the meditation CD on every day and I can actually meditate. It is wonderful.... I feel it has helped me incredibly. It's just wonderful ... Thank you.."

"A friend of mine has the 'Taking Back the Power' CD set. I've listened to them and find them fantastic ... She doesn't want to give up hers so can you send me the CD set as quickly as possible ..."

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Panic Anxiety Management Workshop DVD set