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Panic Anxiety Management Workshop DVD set
Australiia and New Zealand Mental Health Award-Winning
Panic Anxiety Management Program

Two DVD Set 
with Bronwyn Fox 
Running Time 6 hours






Bronwyn's Award Winning Workshop in full
You can attend the Workshop in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world, anytime you want and as much as you want.
Filmed Live


Session One: Discussion of nature and symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks and the major anxiety disorders, including dissociative symptoms including depersonalisation and Derealisation. This session also discusses the development of the secondary conditions associated to the Disorders including Agoraphobia, drug and/or alcohol abuse and depression.

Session Two: Details the benefits of meditation as a relaxation technique, and as a 'stepping stone' to working with a mindfulness cognitive technique to combat anxiety/panic producing thoughts . This session also includes detailed instructions on how to meditate using one of three different meditation techniques.


Session One :
Details the mindfulness cognitive technique. Using this technique we can learn to understanding at an emotional level how our thoughts are creating much of our distress and how we can take the POWER back from our panic attacks and anxiety.

Session Two :
Intellectually we may understand our anxiety disorder, intellectually we may understand how our thoughts create our anxiety and panic, but emotionally we don't believe it This session discusses our intellectual vs emotional understanding of our anxiety disorder and how this conflict is being generated by our overall low self esteem.

Session Three: Looks at the process of recovery and the ongoing development of our mindfulness skills including, the working with any agoraphobia/ avoidance behaviour, management of day to day stress and building our self esteem to higher levels.

About the Program

An eighteen month study conducted by Associate Professor Julian Hafner, Sth Aust Mental Health Services, for the Australian Government's National Mental Health Strategy, demonstrated the effectiveness of the Programs. Of 310 participants

85.1% found them 'VERY Helpful' 
11.9% found them 'FAIRLY Helpful' 
2.7% found them 'SLIGHTLY Helpful' 
0.4% found them 'Unhelpful' 

At a three month follow up, participants reported a significant reduction across all symptoms groups.

See also: Effectiveness of Panic Anxiety Management Workshop

Participant's feedback:

"I have struggled for years with anxiety and panic attacks. Now I truly understand ... I now know what I can do to recover. I can get my life back. It's just wonderful ... Thank you.."

"This is the best thing I have done. I know I can recover now ...."

"Bronwyn Fox is an amazing person. She motivates you... 
she talks from experience ... she shows it is possible to recover..."

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