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The Best Selling book 'Power Over Panic'

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Power Over Panic Best Selling Book

by Bronwyn Fox

Take Back the Power

A Double CD set featuring Meditation and Mindfulness

Taking Back the Power Double CD set

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Award Winning Panic Anxiety Management Workshop Double DVD set

Panic Anxiety Management Workshop Double DVD set

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Take Back the Power !
We are not aware of the enormous power our thoughts have. Our thoughts generate our feelings and emotions. We don't recognise how we can be happy one moment, anxious the next, feeling guilty the next and feeling helpless in the next. We simply don't recognise the power of thought and how our thoughts dictate the feeling quality of our life. Bronwyn Fox

Unfortunately due to illness Bronwyn is no longer able to offer telephone counselling. However if you need urgent assistance please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or speak to your GP.
Bronwyn passes on her warmest wishes to all former clients and wishes them every success in their recovery

Who is Bronwyn and how much does she know about Anxiety Disorders ?

Bronwyn had panic disorder /agoraphobia for five years and was housebound for over 2 years before she recovered. She knows and understands from personal experience the fears, the anxiety and panic attacks associated to anxiety disorders.

Bronwyn is also the author of the best selling book, 'Power Over Panic'. This was first published in 1993 and is now in its third edition which was released by Penguin Books in March 2010.

About Bronwyn
Author of the best selling book, 'Power Over Panic' and its companion book, 'Working Through Panic'.
Bronwyn recovered using meditation and a mindfulness based cognitive technique. This technique is now being used extensively - and successfully - world wide in the treatment of anxiety and depression.
In fact she was the first person in Australia to use mindfulness as a cognitive technique for anxiety disorders.
Over the last twenty years Bronwyn has worked with other people with an anxiety disorder. This has given Bronwyn extensive experience in not only the recovery process, but also the range of personal issues that can impact the recovery process.
Bronwyn was a co-founder and CEO of the Panic Anxiety Disorder Association Inc (PADA) Now established for over twenty years.
PADA won a Silver award at the Australian and New Zealand Mentl Health Awards for Bronwyn's Programs and Workshops. Bronwyn was also a Program and workshop facilitator
Former Deputy Chair of the Anxiety Disorders Foundation of Australia Inc. 
Assisted in the establishment of the Panic Anxiety Disorders Association in Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory and the Anxiety Disorders Foundation of Australia in New South Wales and Northern Territory.
Former National Advocate for people with anxiety disorders
International educator to people with anxiety disorders

Meditation and mindfulness are the central components of Bronwyn's Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Award Winning Workshops. They are also a central component in her telephone counselling. See A Proactive & Structured Approach to Recovery

The Workshops were evaluated as part of the Australian Federal Government's Mental Health Strategy. This evaluation was done by Associate Professor Julian Hafner, Dibden Research Centre, Sth Australian Mental Health Services.

The evaluation demonstrated the effectiveness of the programs and workshops and as a result, they won a major Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Award.

Over 300 people who experienced an Anxiety Disorder participated in the Evaluation. Participants in the study showed a significant decrease in symptoms at a 3 month follow up.

Details of the Evaluation can be found at

Counselling continued