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Our anger is far more powerful than our anxiety and panic and it can really be the rocket ship to recovery. We need to direct our anger to our thoughts, our symptoms and to everything associated to our disorder.

Questions and Answers

Unfortunately we are no longer able to answer individual emails or questions.

Our question and answer pages contain a list of frequently asked questions with links to the relevant pages to our website and other websites. We have also included a number of general questions and answers.

Please Note

Before reading our Question and Answer section we request that you note that we do not diagnose nor can we give you an opinion as to what you are experiencing. This must be done either by your doctor or by your medical specialist.

Anxiety Disorders can mimic a number of physical illness and it is important that medical assessments, clinical tests and diagnosis are made by your treating doctor/specialist.

We provide information only which you can give to your doctor and/or specialist for evaluation if you wish. This information can not be used or interpreted as a diagnosis or as a basis for diagnosis.

The general question and answer section deals with individual personal experiences. The answer to each question is specific to the writer of the letter and is used in this section for information purposes only.

If you have any concerns or doubts about any of your symptoms, please contact you doctor or mental health professional.

Thank you

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